“I believe that you shouldn’t allow distractions to get in the way of you becoming your best self.”

There are many reasons that people struggle when it comes to achieving their fitness goals. Why specifically are YOU struggling?

• Do you feel like you do not have enough hours in the day?

• Do you have a number of injuries or illnesses/ailments that are holding you back?

• Do you have poor eating habits?

Even though I’ve been a competitive track and field athlete and a track and field coach for most of my life, I was literally where you are, and have struggled in all of those areas that I just named above and mainly in the injury department (hey, I AM still human). I can name all of the injuries and circumstances that have put me on pause throughout the years, but my most recent injury was in November 2014 when I tore my Achilles (OUCH!). It wasn’t like my other surgeries where I would do physical therapy and be back at it in a few months. It was such a struggle to bounce back from that injury, and when I was finally able to walk without a boot or any other assistance, the road to full recovery was just beginning.

That’s when I devised a program that I could do that worked especially for what I needed in order to be at the level I wanted to be at again. It worked, and most importantly, I have been able to stick with it.

Working with women who are entrepreneurs and have their own busy schedule and still need to remember to schedule in time for fitness is my passion. I know your pain. I never “had enough time”. I never thought I would bounce back from my injuries. In college, I used to eat MCDONALD’S before practice, just because I could!

My commitment to you is simply this; to be the servant leader God created me to be and teach you the strategies you need to declare and implement the positive mindset, establish healthy meals and eating habits, and gain the muscles you’ve always desired, so you can live your highest quality of life for yourself and for those you service and love.