3 Reasons Why You Need a Coach Right Now!

You Need a Coach!
You Need a Coach!

By now, you’ve been following me on Periscope for almost four months now. You know that I do Periscope workouts. You know that I have over 20 years experience as a competitive track and field athlete. You know that I have over 10 years of experience as a track and field coach. So, you should know that I don’t just train you. I COACH YOU. Why do I stress coach? Because I feel like there’s a difference between a coach and a trainer, and even someone who mentors you. I feel like my mode of coaching is different from my mode of training, and my mode of mentoring is another level of who I am able to be to you.

I believe a coach figures out your needs and shows you WHY and HOW to get to your desired results. They motivate you along the way. A coach can also be your mentor. Someone who’s a mentor is someone who is where you want to be. They are there to basically “show you how to do this, son”. You watch, you immulate, and you reap the benefits of following in the footsteps of your mentor. You can’t go wrong if you just do the work! A trainer is someone who regurgitates information. This title is where you “do what I do”. Nothing wrong with that, but we need a little more substance, right? Don’t get me wrong, these titles can be held individually or all at once, but I believe a coach is at the core of anyone who trains you or mentors you. And I feel like when someone says “Oh, you’re a personal trainer?” that, in a small way, it disqualifies me from being able to coach you (maybe that’s just my hangup). I’m here to LEAD you. I’m here to give you the WHY and HOW of your fitness program. I’m here to motivate you, to mentally challenge you, give you the tools you need to get to your desired results.

So while the three titles serve different roles, I came up with three reasons why specifically having a coach is so necessary, why you need to let them serve their purpose of coaching, training, and mentoring, and why you need to find and keep one right now.

1.You can’t do it alone. How often do we start a workout program with the mindset, “I’ve got this. Six weeks to flat abs? This should be easy!” Sometimes, we get in over our heads. We have great intentions of doing “it” the right way. We set a schedule, we buy nice workout clothes, the whole nine. But we have to realize that we can’t do it by ourselves. A coach will mentally prepare you. If you need to adjust your workout based on whatever is going on in your life, a coach will notice that and adjust, and in doing so, will still give you an effective plan to follow.

2. You need to invest in yourself. I will be the first person to tell you that I love a great sale. It’s like the stores are giving the items away. In the same token that it feels good to pay so little money to get so many things on sale, it should feel even better to know that you’re investing in your personal health to be your absolute best self from the inside out. I mean, how are you going to be able to wear all those gorgeous clothes and shoes if you’re not healthy enough to walk around in public to show them off?!?

3. You have to stop wasting time. Just because it’s the holidays, it should not be an excuse for you to put off your health until the New Year. The time to do take control of your health is now. Having the services of a coach in your life will get you from point A to point G in a quicker amount of time than if you were to do it on your own. Can you do it? Yes, I think you can. But with the expertise of a coach who knows the steps to take without the trial and error, you’ll get there faster. Weight loss, muscle toning or building, and even implementation of the workout itself all take time. How great is it to know you have someone on your side that can set it up FOR you? A coach will help you implement those tools seamlessly into your life as if you had been working out the whole time.

Just take a moment to embrace the investment, rely on your coach, and stick to the plan, and you will surely reap the benefits of what a coach will deliver to you. You can do it, and I’m here to help you do it that much better.

As a matter of fact, let me coach AND mentor you this Saturday! I’m hosting a FREE workshop to show you how to holiday-proof your fitness life, just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Sign up HERE, and I’ll see you on Saturday, November 21st at 1pm!

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What kind of coaches do you have in your life right now? A financial coach? A fitness coach? A sales coach? Let’s talk about it! Leave your comments below.

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