10 Things You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less For a More Focused and Fit Day

10 Things You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less
10 Things You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

Do you have 30 minutes? This is something that I ask people when they tell me they don't have time. Just think. There is so much you can do in thirty minutes to have a more productive day. I recently adjusted my schedule (again) to wake up about 45 minutes to one hour earlier so that I could do my workout in the morning instead of the afternoon. I found that waiting until after work to get my sweat on was making me frazzled and it left me feeling rushed all the time. I didn't want to slack on my workout or miss it completely, so I chose to try to get to sleep a little earlier so that I could wake up, have my devotional time, workout, and then get ready for my day. You know what? Over the course of this week, I've been more productive than I even realized I could, simply because I shifted some things around. I have been feeling a little more tired in the evenings, but as long as I go to bed when I need to, I'm okay.

I thought it would only be nice of me to share with you some things you can do starting today that you can incorporate into your life so you can get things done and have a clear head and a more healthy and fit day. Don't forget to check out the links and download the helpful lists to give you some good ideas.

  1. Stretch first thing in the morning. Of course you're so stiff and your back may be a little sore. You've been comatose for the last 4-8 hours! Your muscles have lost some tone and fluid has built up in your spine. Stretching helps to get that blood flow going and helps get your muscles back in their normal fluid motion. Now, you can dive into your workout, or your breakfast, or your day feeling just a little more refreshed. So take about 5-10 minutes, get a good stretch up, a morning yawn, and then touch those toes! Ahhhhhh!!
  2. Jump around. Jumping jacks helps get your blood flowing, too. Good circulation is important to a healthy functioning body. They also speed up your heart rate and help make you more alert in the morning. And to boot, it takes no time to do. Try doing 5 sets of 20 first thing in the morning.
  3. Be grateful. Yes, you need a healthy functioning mind, to go along with that body. Take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to journal, pray, read in your bible, or meditate on all the things that you have. Why? Because we take for granted the basic things we have that some people struggle to get. Did you have running water when you woke up? Did you brush your teeth? Did you have a toothbrush and toothpaste to do it? Did you have more than one blanket to snuggle up in? Are you reading this right now? Congratulations! You woke up this morning! Smile, because those things are all things we should be grateful for every day that we sometimes forget to think about in this fast paced life we live in nowadays.
  4. Eat breakfast. It's so important to take a little time to make something for yourself to eat for breakfast. It helps to rev up that metabolism. More specifically, eat something for breakfast that is high in fiber and protein. Here's my list of Top 5 10-Minute Breakfast Ideas that you can make and eat for breakfast that take less than 10 minutes to prep and cook! Breakfast helps fuel you for your day, gives you energy, keeps you regular, and helps sustain you until your late morning snack. Which leads me to my next tip.
  5. Prepare 10 snacks at the beginning of the week. Okay, do this one thing on Sunday to prepare for your week, and you're on your way to a higher metabolism and steady weight loss. Please dismiss the myth that starving yourself will help you lose weight. It's LITERALLY the exact opposite. It's imperative that you eat in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy functioning body. This takes all of maybe 15 minutes. Do this: Prepare 10 snacks for your workweek, two for each day to eat one during the late morning after breakfast, and then the other during mid-afternoon after lunch. Pack hummus and veggies, a piece of fruit, yogurt, granola, almonds. Need help? I got you! Get this list sent straight to your inbox!
  6. Drink water. This 2-minute drill is the fastest of all the tips. Drinking water first thing in the morning has been proven to burn body fat. It also boosts your metabolism like crazy! Not to mention it re-hydrates you from your fast overnight, boosts brain function, and flushes toxins. Chug-a-lug!
  7. Walk more during your work day. It's an oxymoron for me to be a trainer but for my 8-5, have a very sedentary lifestyle. So I had to get my step game up. I give myself a goal of 3,000-5,000 steps during the hours I'm at work, so I don't feel as bad once I get home. I'm still working on getting to 5,000 steps, but it is just fun to challenge myself. If you have a sedentary lifestyle for your job, try setting an alarm every hour to get up and walk around for a few minutes.
  8. Get in a workout. You betcha. This list is in no special order, but best believe a workout was going to be on my list somewhere! You know I'm all about getting in an effective and efficient workout. Get in your cardio, a good Tabata series, and some ab work and you're good to go! Check out my Katch channel for a few great workouts and a ton of inspiration!
  9. Go to sleep. Not like "goodnight" sleep. But the benefit of taking a power nap are gold. If you're in the middle of your day, and you're feeling that 2:30 crash coming on or you have a long lunch break, if you can, slip away and close your eyes and relax somewhere for about 20-30 minutes. Even if you don't go to sleep, it's just as good to go silence your mind from your to-do's for a little while. Taking a nap improves alertness and productivity, and it doesn't leave you groggy or affect you when it's actually time for bed. I haven't done it in a little while, but I am what you call a Master Napper. I can take a nap at 8 or 9 pm and then go to bed at 11 or 12 for the rest of the night. It's a gift, what can I say? LOL.
  10. Think positively. When you're always stressed out or thinking the worst about a situation, you use a lot of energy. It's draining to your mind, which makes you fatigued physically. Take a few minutes right now and write all the things you are worried about right now. Now, think the opposite. It immediately takes the weight off of your shoulders. Because what if you can't get that done? What if you fail? How about what if you actually DID do what you thought you couldn't get done? What if you succeed with flying colors? You've probably just worried yourself a new pimple for nothing. I did that earlier this week. Now I've had a visit from a couple of unwanted friends on my forehead and my cheek. Cut it out and think GREAT things.

So, friend, I hope you enjoyed this list. I hope that you continue to have a great weekend, and try implementing any or all of these things into your life. Let me know what you decided to add to your schedule over the weekend or next week!

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Love and hugs,