The GetFit Test eBook

The GetFit Test eBook


Need a jumpstart in your fitness routine. Need some meal ideas to change the monotony of what you cook and eat each day? Need a quick pick-me-up of motivation to help you remember why you started? Want to lose a little weight?

The GetFit Test eBook is designed to challenge you to push yourself in a preliminary test to gauge your fitness level. After that, each day, for two weeks, you'll be pushing yourself for 15-20 minutes a day, revving up your metabolism, and getting stronger with each workout. At the end of your 2 weeks, you will have gained energy, strength, flexibility, and you will have even seen change in the way your clothes fit. 

This two-week program is short term to get you back on track or to start your body up for a new fitness program. The only way to get even better results is to keep doing the work!

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